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Dan Crowdus is the mastermind behind The Icarus Kid, the futuristic, live electronic music project that brings the classic sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the dancefloor.

After studying both music and computer science at the University of Kentucky, Dan abandoned lifelong aspirations of becoming a video game developer to fully focus on his greater passion: music performance. Following a move to Seattle, he began playing with bands and DJing house music at nightclubs, which provided a solid foundation to blend these worlds together into a live show that twists and warps familiar themes into entirely new soundscapes. An endless obsession with software and technology has given birth to a deviously programmed live setup, including full keyboards and a synchronized LED lightshow that responds to live events.

2010 has been a big year for The Icarus Kid, with a booking to play with acclaimed orchestral show "Video Games Live", a 1st place finish in the Seattle Laptop Battle, and the release of his self-titled debut album on September 15th. 

The album takes its 8-bit roots on a journey through many genres of electronic music, evoking comparisons to Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, and Aphex Twin.  The music’s strong focus on melody and extensive use of the orchestra has yielded an overwhelmingly positive critical response.

Since the album's release, the band has expanded to include Jeff Gall on drums, with three more members coming by fall 2012. The Icarus Kid and friends have been taking video game music all over the West Coast, with appearances at AM2Con, Aki-Con, and Wonder Northwest, as well as founding the Seattle gaming event Arcade Armageddon.